Our Role in Global Health 

Health and safety matter to everyone. It matters to every individual, their families and friends, and the communities where they live and work. Quality health care and security matters to nations, political leaders, policymakers, and to the health professionals who dedicate their lives to providing care.

At UnitedHealthcare, we serve people through every stage of their life, from childhood and youth through their working life, on their first and last global assignment and into retirement. What unites us is our mission: to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone. We are dedicated to supporting better health and creating a better experience, all while making health care more affordable. We are humbled by our mission, and believe we have the opportunity to make a distinctive difference in people’s health and in their lives.

The UnitedHealthcare Global Difference

  • We understand that navigating multiple health care systems in foreign countries can be complex and businesses as well as nations are striving to simplify the health care experience.

  • We know that for your business to grow, you have to take calculated risks and convert them into global opportunities.

  • We see the many steps in each global traveler’s journey, from the clinic to the pharmacy, from a hospital appointment to a home visit, from emergency surgery to a regular checkup.

  • We understand that for health care to work, the traditional methods have to change. Technology and data need to drive innovation, enabling each of us to access proactive and personalized care.

  • We see the many different interactions across the entire health care system – in a way no other organization can.

That’s what makes UnitedHealthcare Global different.

We are with your people wherever they go – at home or abroad. Our single source, global solutions help optimize outcomes for your business by ensuring your people are better prepared, better cared for and better able to do the work they need to do, wherever they are in the world.

Better Experience

We work with you to create globally accessible international benefits programs, to ensure health, wellness and safety for our millions of members anytime, anywhere in the world.

Better Cost Control

As a provider of global insurance, risk and assistance services we help eliminate duplicative costs and accountability gaps in your current network with complete solutions from a single provider, minimizing the cost and complexity associated with using multiple vendors.


Better Health

With over 1.2 million providers worldwide, 15,000 international clinics, digital tools and mobile apps, our globally connected network makes it easy to access quality care where and when it’s needed.

Who we serve

It all starts with one: one individual, one company, one community, one need. We proudly care for:

  • Individuals, families and students traveling outside their home country
  • International business travelers
  • Employers with employees on international assignments
  • Individuals and groups from outside the U.S. seeking access to our U.S. network
  • Governments
  • Non-U.S. health insurers

How we do it

To best serve our clients and members, our business is broken down into two distinct divisions:

Global Solutions

Health and security solutions that travel with expatriates, international travelers and remote workers on land and at sea. Our solutions include:

Global Markets

Access to our health and medical care programs in local markets where we operate hospitals and clinics and offer international benefit programs. Explore our solutions by continent:


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